It all went horribly wrong… humanity's chance encounter with the cosmic has turned into a desperate fight for survival – and you are in the middle of it. In Dome of the Dead, an intense 4-person cooperative shooter, you and your friends must work together to combat the onslaught of Infected, escape the embattled bayou, and reach one of the humanity's last strongholds before ever-more terrifying waves of horrors consume you. How long can you hold out, Survivor?



Take the first, small step into a virtual Halo world with Halo Recruit. This free training experience will introduce you to the characters, weapons, and universe of Halo through the power of Windows Mixed Reality. As a freshly minted UNSC recruit, you will learn to identify and fight terrifying alien combatants in this compelling exploration of what Halo’s virtual future might hold.



We deliver the fantasy of scaling a major metropolis to Virtual Reality. Start at the roof of a tenement building in New York City and jump your way to the top of the Freedom Tower! Test your skills and scale Tokyo, Detroit, Seattle, and Philadelphia. 

Featuring an original soundtrack from Seattle's HushHush Records.