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Arashi: Castles of Sin Patch 1.4 Available Now!

Arashi: Castles of Sin's new update delivers improved melee, updates to Haru and combatant AI, weapon sandbox balancing, beautification, and more! Keep reading for patch notes...

Haru Improvements

  • Haru acknowledges enemies

  • Haru intimidates enemies

  • It's now easier to target an enemy to be rooted if they are very near

  • Haru can now choose to root an enemy without being commanded

AI Improvements

  • Enemies are far more perceptive to events happening to their buddies and will investigate

  • Enemies will acknowledge Haru's presence (fearfully)

  • Enemies navigate the space more reliably

  • Enemies who have noticed you will not lose track of you just because you climbed a ladder

Melee Combat Improvements

  • Dramatically improved reliability of sword collisions

  • Enemies will no longer attack from "way too close"

  • Enemies can now be interrupted at many points during their attacks

  • Combat back-and-forth is much more free-form, less prescriptive

  • Combat health and armor rebalanced across the game

  • Bosses will now dodge, move around a lot more, and use more dangerous attacks

  • Rumble feedback on sword impacts

Gameplay Improvements

  • "Level transition points" are now disabled while there are enemies actively pursuing the player

  • Improved backstab experience

  • Turned "pre-detection time dilation" distances, modified the vignette color, and disabled it for bosses

  • Difficulty increased across-the-board

  • Player health increased

  • Aim assist targeting improvements

  • Kenshiro can now close his empty hands

  • Climbing reliability improved

  • Virtual joystick now gets a back button

  • New Game+ improvements

  • Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes!

Patch 1.4 is available now! Pick up Arashi: Castles of Sin on PlayStation VR on the PlayStation Store.

May honor and the shadows guide you.

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